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Therapies - Kinesio Taping®

Sometimes, the client needs something that will continue the process of healing begun in a session. Kinesio Tape®; is the perfect solution. It was developed in Japan in 1973 by chiropractor, Dr. Kenso Kase, precisely for that reason. Dr. Kase wanted to give his clients a “prescription” that would work between visits. It was such a success that it soon became popular with serious athletes.

Photograph by Jane Hundley

The tape is applied to the skin with varying degrees of stretch, depending on the type of correction needed. The recoil of the tape, though very slight, microscopically lifts the skin, creating more interstitial space underneath the surface, within the dermal layer. The result is reduced pressure on the neuroreceptors, which in turn eases pain. This increased space also allows for better flow of lymph fluids, helping to decrease inflammation in the taped area. Blood flow is also increased via reduced pressure on the capillaries. The combination of these effects results in more optimal conditions for the body to heal itself.

Kinesio Tape® contains no medicines, chemical or herbal. It is latex free, and the colors are rendered from vegetable dyes, thus contributing to its hypoallergenic nature. The tape’s adhesive is acrylic, and it is in a “fingerprint” pattern, thereby allowing the skin to breathe. It is usually very well tolerated by persons with sensitive skin. It is normally worn for 3 – 5 days before removal. Clients can bathe, shower, even swim in it without affecting its benefits. Heat, ice, and other therapies can also be used while wearing the tape.

Carol Bieter has completed all 4 levels of Kinesio Taping® training and has been fully certified as a Kinesio Taping® Practitioner.

For more information on Kinesio Taping®, please visit their website at

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