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Photograph by Jane Hundley

Carol offers a wide variety of massage therapies. Each massage is custom tailored to the client’s individual needs. Often, a combination of different therapies is used in order to address the unique set of circumstances present. Almost all massages will have a foundation of Sweedish massage, due to its ability to loosen the muscles and prepare them for the deeper work.

Hot stones are used in almost every massage, however Ms. Bieter does not offer a full hot stone massage treatment. The reason for this is that she believes that the muscles benefit most from the different types of strokes, which cannot all be done with stones. In addition, she needs to be able to feel the muscles to determine their degree if tightness and their response to the work being done. Again, this is not possible if the therapist is holding a stone the whole time. If for some reason you do not wish to have the hot stones used, they can be left out.

Essential oils are also used in a large number of the massages. Carol uses doTerra® essential oils. These oils are certified pure, and therapeutic grade, so they can be used directly on the skin. As a result, more of the oil’s healing properties are absorbed into the body, since they are not being diluted by a carrier oil. Most of the oils used are for inflammation and stress reduction. Please relate any sensitivities or allergies you may have prior to your first visit.

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