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Sports Event Massage

Massage before and after a race or tournament has many benefits for the athlete. Pre-event massage is a brief massage shortly before an event assists in warming the muscles, making them less susceptible to injury, and increasing performance potential. Post event massage (performed 15 min. to 2 hrs. post race) assists in flushing out excess waste products which accumulate in the muscles during strenuous workouts. This helps to speed the recovery time of the muscles, and helps the athlete to get back to training quicker.

Photograph by Jane Hundley

Carol is available to do massage both before and after an athletic event. She will come and set up a tent, massage table, and all of the miscellaneous equipment for the event. Different payment options are available. Please call 423-605-4855 for rates and additional details.

Carol Bieter, LMT, CNMT
(423) 605-4855   |   243 Signal Mountain Rd., Suite 125, Chattanooga TN 37405  |
Hours by Appointment